Episode 10

Now you see ME : The art of bringing humanity and dignity to addiction recovery

Published on: 10th June, 2022

Dr Ronaye Calvert and Bindi Heit from LIVE Treatment Concierge Services are joined by special guest, Antonia Rolls with - Now you see ME: The art of bringing humanity and dignity to addiction recovery

Our guest:

Antonia Rolls is an artist from Bognor Regis, a small seaside town on the south coast of the UK.  She was born an artist, never wanting to do or be anything else and became a professional portrait artist.

After losing her partner in 2007, she trained as a Soul Midwife, a holistic and emotional support for those at the end of life.  At this time, she began creating an exhibition of paintings and stories around the end of life, called A Graceful Death.  For ten years, she worked both on this project and as an end of life companion, and during these years lost another husband, her parents and a brother.  

But, there is addiction in Antonia’s family too.  Her response is to create a new project, portraits and words from and of addiction as a way to try and understand.  She has had to find a way to survive the craziness, the destruction and the distress of watching a loved one spiral out of control and resist all help.  The project, Addicts And Those Who Love Them, behind every addict is someone traumatised by loving them, simply tells stories.  She asks other people in addiction – whether an addict, in recovery, helping addicts or in a relationship with an addict – what is happening for them.  

In this moving episode, we explore:

  • How art lights the way for healing and recovery
  • How to love someone with addiction and take care of yourself
  • How portraits allow addicts to see the reality of who they are
  • How being seen and heard is the first step in healing

Songs - Leave a light on by Tom Walker - Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind - Artist in the Ambulance by Thrice

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Meditation - Let go of what you know

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